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Colette Luckie Founder/President

Colette has supported clients across several continents in Asia, South America, Europe, Latin America, and Australia delivering high-impact training and development programs to exempt and non-exempt employees.  As a board-certified executive coach, Colette has also spent a considerable amount of time over the past 10 years developing aspiring talent as they position themselves for higher levels of responsibility and accountability.




A component of her current practice includes training and professional development, customized diversity assessments, individualized competency inventories, instructional design, and partnering with senior leaders to integrate online, cloud-based talent aquisition and performance management systems. Colette’s areas of expertise: Organization Design & Development, Training & Performance Management, Design & Implementation of Strategic HR Systems, Change & Transition Management, Project Management, Executive Coaching.


Colette's consulting experience has provided an opportunity to specialize in driving large scale organizational change and the development of short and long term business strategies to advance company goals. Her work involves helping leaders understand the challenges and complexities of inclusionary and transformational change to achieve tangible business transformation.


Prior to establishing CORNERSTONE CONSULTING HR (CCHR) Colette held executive, leadership, and organizational development positions within the Fortune 500 arena on a national and global platform. Colette was responsible for the full spectrum of human resource management practices including: sourcing, recruiting and retention strategies, coaching and developing middle-executive leaders, creating end-to-end diversity education and branding strategies, as well as the design of several corporate university programs and their supporting systems.




Colette has presented at numerous conferences and is certified in the following programs: Center for Credentialing and Education, Board Certified Coach, OPEX Blue Belt, TGI’s Inclusive Leadership/Influence to Impact/Power of Influence Trilogy, Retail Multiunit Management, Zenger Miller, Development Dimensions International, Personnel Decisions Inc., Executive Edge®: The Coaching AdvantEdge™, Achieve Global/Learning International. Colette holds a Master’s degree in Educational Administration/HR Management/Organization Development from New York University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education/Information Systems from Pace University in New York.

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