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At CCHR, we strive to improve the efficiency of organizations by leading the design and implementation of integrated, strategic people management systems which includes talent identification and leadership development, change and performance management, diversity and inclusion methodologies, employee relations and educational assessments, cultural reengineering, recruiting, employee engagement, and other interventions focused on increasing the overall performance effectiveness of the business and its human capital regionally, nationally, and globally. We function as your HR Business Partner (HRBP) on talent management business initiatives, namely to design, develop, and implement sustainable, measurable practices.

Organization Design & Development


Utilizing academic training and practical experience, we have a keen talent for designing end-to-end OD strategies that align with the company’s overall business strategy, succession planning, and leadership development initiatives.  Our consultative approach includes partnering with managers and associates at all levels of the organization to identify and address talent management opportunities and developing action plans to close identified gaps.  A proponent of the whole systems methodology, each project includes organizing key job performance indicators, creating reliable measurement systems to assist management in identifying superior performance, designing and managing organization needs assessments to determine the skill and competencies needed to drive the business strategy, serving as an assessor of management performance capabilities to identify fit for current and future roles, assisting the organization in managing the structural and cultural changes manifested by expansion and pressures on earnings, consulting with various business units (ie., finance, marketing, operations, IT, etc.) to determine “best-fit” learning and execution strategies.

Diversity & Inclusion

We specialize in supporting organizations along their diversity journey through cultural competency assessments, individual and team coaching, leadership training, and helping set performance goals tied to inclusion at all levels of the organization.  We base our approach on the financial impact of inclusivity as a business prerogative and competitive differentiator based on very strong findings such as:

  • McKinsey’s research shows that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers and ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to do the same.

  • Catalyst research shows that companies with more women on the board statistically outperform their peers over a long period of time.

  • Deloitte Australia research shows that inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80% in team-based assessments.

Training & Performance Improvement

With a deep commitment to assisting others in the self-actualization and continuous improvement process, the CCHR team has a passion for creating and managing the implementation of customized training programs, practices, and procedures, has produced tangible results relative to preparing associates for positions of greater responsibility and increasing effectiveness in present assignments.  Projects have included launching company-wide leadership development curriculums, instituting certification programs, and establishing complex OJT practicums to ensure readiness; developing company-wide diversity awareness, inclusion, and policy standards; providing direction to training staff based on comprehensive knowledge of policies, processes, and procedures; coordinating the translation of business management philosophy into instructional and developmental resources,  ensuring documentation of job standards, work methods and procedures as communicated by management, incorporating user-friendly training programs and resources which can be administered at locations and for varying levels of the audience throughout the organization and at satellite locations.

Design & Implementation of Strategic HR Systems

Our human capital improvement practice includes assessing current selection processes and developing integrated recruiting policies and selection systems that are customized to the client environment.  Job and task analyses are used to classify competencies and the skill sets necessary to perform and manage critical assignments and business functions.  These outputs are then utilized to build cogent performance management, succession planning, and mentorship programs.

Change & Transition Management

As experts in change management, the CCHR team supports high-level, global client initiatives and strategic, culture change efforts, and has lead and implemented project design and process implementation practices relating to major change initiatives such as compensation restructuring, workforce design, productivity enhancement, retention strategy, and creating culture change solutions in tandem with customer and guest service guidelines.  Our partnership with executive teams includes extensive work in conflict management, team effectiveness, behavioral competency alignment, leader modeling, and executive coaching.  CCHR's philosophy includes driving a culture of constant innovation as organizations adapt to the changing needs of the business environment.

Project Management

CCHR's project management acumen includes delivering solutions on time and within budget utilizing standard project management guidelines such as project scoping and gathering requirements, creating an approved project plan; assessing project risk, managing multiple projects, managing enterprise-wide initiatives, scheduling, controlling, and managing contracts, and implementing project management best practice models for repeatable success throughout the organization.

​Executive Coaching

As certified executive coaches, we are positioned to support junior, senior, as well as aspiring leaders to achieve their full potential. Working within the organization’s specific leadership competencies to achieve excellence in the execution of results, we pride ourselves on creating safe forums for leaders to explore their innate strengths and capabilities and learn how to leverage them to a greater extent.  This is achieved utilizing leading-edge assessment tools that are grounded in best practices for developing executive leaders.

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